Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pictures tell the story

This is the train at the base of Loon mountain NH I changed the color and washed out the photo.
This is lake Winnipesaukee I belive this is a old RR bed has water on both sides,. Road to nowhere.
this is across the street from the Currier museum I changed it to black & white , very cool pic.
Here is a picture at one of my friends camp, this was across the street. Everyone complained because there was no ladder, so I put a ladder in. I took this photo and will always remind me of one of those summer dayz.
Here is a very cool Fall picture I took, we were driving down road in Wolfeboro, NH I think and we drove past it. I made him stop and back up we took several pictures but this angle really shows the best view.
This is one of my best pictures I have ever took. We were snowmobiling near Wolfeboro and at the top of some mountain
This was a fall picture (lots of color) in the white mountains of NH. I converted this to B&W and changed the focus. Some dayz I just feel like this no matter how sunny the day is.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goosie Goo for President 2012

Goosie Goo for President  2012, Hmm think about it . There is no way he could ever lie...
There would be no point. He's a goose what would the point if he tried to bend the truth slightly. See geese do not have to play that game, embellish the truth. They just like to eat grass, take a dip in the pool, go poo everywhere and boss around the chickens. Well at that time of year which is January and if yr a male goose and there are females around, Geese that is. Then there is some thing else male geese love to do with let's say... politicians have done the same thing. But for the most part geese are a real deal type of cat.
I try to follow who is in the presidential race, I listen'd to all the republicans. How come they all say the same things for the most part. Everyone wants to create jobs, make the hard decisions to cut some thing from the people. They all say they have a great track record and they are going to do the right things for this country. I will include Democrats here. If one person knew all the answer to fix everything we would truly be Phoucked.
When I looked at all the republicans they all said the same thing in different ways, I guess I tried to figure out which one was lying the least. I think Ron Paul was lying the least. I think Smitt will go long ways he has a lot of scratch, we all know that goes a long way these races. I think Goosie Goo with the right advisers could sort anything out as good as some name on a poster some where. And look at him he just looks honest. Who want's to try to figure out who is lying the least, write in Goosie Goo in November and call it a day, Obama is going to win anyways it's the lesser of the two evils. So look at Goosie Goo's face you tell me, he's the real deal and I love him anyways and dam it...he is honest!



Holidays have come and gone, I bought myself with my mom a great Nikon digital camera Nikon p500 12.1mp 36X zoom, I can see a mile away pretty cool. My bro came home, my BF came over, and I spent some time with C&B.M. . Was a good time all around. Work has changed their name they hired a new manager and hopefully this will change things to the better there. I got to do some add stuff for McyD's, some higher end stuff for me. And now the sort of sad news
"Whitey" has left the yard. It seems I got two female geese last spring and we have two male geese here, the younger male was showing his superiority with the older goose Big Guy, So Whitey got the farm. I posed a add on CL looking for a good home for him, and really I wanted to make sure he found some this as good as here or better. And I did find him a 3 ache farm with ducks, a stream and goats. Here is a "quote" for his update from his new home: He isn't very impressed with the ducks so we will probably have to get him a goose friend at some point but he likes to boss the pygmy goats around and finds great pleasure in that. Otherwise he is doing fine. He is quite the character. " I gave them a 40 lb bag of food , I felt if they were going to eat him they would not want the food. So that is how I sorted it out with myself to say good bye. I did cry the day he left and felt bad. But The older goose Has taken such good care of the other geese he was going to stay. So the title of this blog is 4-1=5 Big Guy, Goosie and Goosie Goo - Whitey make 3 but in the spring 2 more female geese from Metzer farms Metzer Farms  these people have helped me so many ways and I have yet to purchase a thing from them. But I will in the spring.
Just have been so busy no time to write but that will come.
Smile...think Goosie Goo
 Here's a pic of Whitey ... the White one, no Photoshop here just added text!