Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spring is a com'n

Work is under a revamp and we were going to make a short move (down siz'n) during our slow time, which seems to be fading. We changed the manager and now we will see if things will continue to run smoothly as the owner transfers his job to his brother. I truly hope things workout for the best actually want them to really badly

And the great news I have ordered two male Fawn & white Runner ducks to come live with me in my apt. They will be com'n March 14 so this gives me a few weeks to get ready as I have been doing, I have spent some money on doing this and the ducks are my next venture in life as these will be inside ducks with diapers I have one set of diaper harness's here and 3 more sets of two r com'n. I know I can do this. I will still care for GoosieGoo and the other geese along with the chickens. I sort of feel bad about GoosieGoo like some how I have let her down after all she is lay'n eggs and not going to get so much of my attention but I hope her eggs hatch and she works on her own family. I hope that the ducks and the geese get along.
I am considering selling the Miata as i think I am at a different point in my life but we will see.

Dreams do come true, you just have to see them!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birds in the air

Well the ducks are ordered I got 2 fawn & white runner duck coming in 4 weeks. will talk about this later. look at this interesting bird I caught on valentines day!