Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They never forget

So I went to the oral surgeon yesterday to discuss my wisdom teeth, well I guess I am not so wise after all? It's not my wisdom teeth in fact my wisdom teeth cam in just fine. I have two abscessed molars, do you know they wanted 600 bucks to be put to sleep who can afford that? I and gett'n laughing gas and novocaine which my insurance will cover... thank gawd. BTW mom says I spelled God wrong, I do not believe in God so my spelling is Gawd but that's another story. So Sept 2nd my upper back teeth will be removed and the pain should be gone. Lot's of adavan and things should be ok... I went metal detecting today found a dime, i went to Bedford NH to two sites of old grist mills, if you don't know what a grist mill is Google it? I did have a young deer almost walk up to me. I am concentrat'n so much while detecting I am quiet we both sort of noticed each and it just waked into the woods. Was very cool to be honest it was about a 100 feet away.
Time for the birthday curse here in NH, i have to register two cars 100 bucks each inspect two cars 50 bucks each and my drivers lic is do 50 bucks for that also. That's 350 bucks if both cars pass inspection, I know the saturn needs two tires and I have to weld the exaust I do have a mig welder so I just have to do that part. Later I will look for the best deal on tires... I can't wait!

My 3d glasses came today so later I am going to try them out, I watch so many movies figure a 8 buck investment for 4 pairs of glasses would be worth it., I bought descent ones also, not the paper type. see how that goes..
When the geese were young maybe 2 weeks old i used to whistle to them and when they were about 4 weeks old they could whistle back, I do have a video of them when they were small on my flicker site. They were so darn cute and still are to me. GoosieGoo has one black eye and the side with spots has a wonderful blue eye...so cute I just want to hug him so bad. I miss the bond we had when they were young we seemed so close. When I let them loose with the other  two geese I seemed to loose a big part of them after all they were with their own kind...like that is supposed to matter. I was jealous to be honest I wanted to keep them for myself it was so hard to let them loose it makes me cry just thinking about that. I have been searching for away I could get that bond back I do favor GoosieGoo I make sure he gets fresh corn every morning when i am here but it just seems like we don't really connect like I wish we did. I do think if i had kept them for a few more weeks things may have been different. I do remember when I first showed them to the other geese, they had high pitched whistles that got the full attention of the other geese, sort of freaked out the older geese. So the other day I whistled part of the song i used to whistle to them and GoosieGoo was very interested that he would walk towards me. I knelled down and continued to whistle to him and he walked right up to me and started playing the old games we used to play. He pulled on my clothing, went after my ear rings, wrapped his long neck around mine and pulled on my hair. Boy it's just like it was in the beginning I got him back and this makes me cry in a good way. We connect, we talk to each other he turns his head to look at me and I do the same to him we touch noses together this is better than I thought it ever could be. he doesn't like it when I pat which i do but not very much. I got the GooserGoo that I wanted, the bond I was seeking. I do want another goose now that I raised two but the bond is still there and only with the one I love the most, my waddl'n buddy and guess what... they never forget!