Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bath day for the geese

Today was watering day for the geese. I have 3 mini pools and a good sized animal feeder. I was try'n to work them down to less pools so that when winter comes I just have the animal feeder. Last year I carried out hot water in buckets took about 4-5 very large buckets. And dam they seemed to love hot baths in the winter. I could get some times 3 days with the tub in the goose house come out in the early am brake a layer of ice and they were good to the next day. Last year we lost two geese one to a wolf and the female, the baby which I think was a year or so old decided to fly and look for mom. Some one called chuck and said it was in the road so he brought it back and it flew right into a car on RTE 3. I was away that weekend. So Chuck put the 2 remain'n geese in the goose house for the winter to protect them.A 10X8 house not very big but safe, this year I want to do a higher fence in a small area in the yard so they can have more room. It can't be too big or they would be able to fly out, but still be able to go out of the goose house and poo outside. The two new geese I raised this will be their first winter, I want to put a heat lamp in the goose house and pay for the extra electricity if need be. I seem to spoil the geese. I told Tom if we try to live some where and be self sustainable I want to raise geese , I looked last night and there are geese in Cal. So I can continue my adventures with geese. I will leave goosiegoo here, will be hard but they all seem to get along for the most part and don't think it would fair to take them away. And I get raise geese again from day two of their life. There are yellow and fury when they are chicks, and they whistle like regular birds. I got them on May 8th this year and they still don't fly and are starting to get that deep quack the older geese have. I had them in my room in a storage container 3 of them but one died and i cried for two days. I bought the other two geese a small stuffed chick and introduced them to a mirror. They still have bigger mirrors out side and seem to be very amused looking at themselves. I tell them they are looking at the prettiest goose they ever saw as they Quack at them self, funny as hell. The chickens do not seem to be amused by the mirrors. I love those geese, I tell everyone they are my best-friends.
When I come home everyday I yell out GoosieGoo and Gossie Quacks and they all come running like children to their mom.