Saturday, August 13, 2011

The meatal detector came out today

I finally took out my metal detector today. First time this year. My obsession with the my geese have become my life in a odd way. That's another story I took the 11 y/o kid up stairs let him use one of my detectors and off we went. I found places I could find targets and asked him to look in this area to teach him how to read the detector. Well he did ok for about 2 hours then gave up, I continued for 3 more hours,. Dam I forgot how difficult it was to wave the machine kneel down dig, stand up and do about 60 or 70 times. I am very sore but all in all was fun. I seem to be a great friend to him. Parents are divorced lives with mom upstairs. I always seem to get along better with young people, don't get me wrong in the wrong way. But I had a very bad childhood and I sorta get to re-live it sort of I guess. It's funny D upstairs and i both listen to the same music. In fact he liked my car mix so well he asked me to load on his nook which a few of us chipped in to give him last Christmas. Great kid and BTW the geese go after him. For him to walk in the back yard he needs a big stick to wave at them not to give him a goose which they have done b4... time for bed

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well I am not really shure what a blog is, but I will give it a try...

Ok I guess this is my first post, have any questions about me just ask. I have had a very interesting life. Bi-Gender and all...Today I have sore throat so I had a short day at work, not much to do any ways. Let's see umm. I need to go out side give the geese some fresh water. We have 4 geese and two are new. We lost 2 last winter and I have raised two from 2 days old. We don't have any ponds here so I have mini pools for them 3 actually. They also share them with the chickens. Any ways I have to clean them every 4-5 days. Seems the geese love to put mud in them until i clean them then they get to start all over to get them dirty. I have also given the a few solar lights which they love very much. They also love fresh uncooked corn on the cob which I give them some every morn'n when in season. I must admit I love them very much, I swore I would never get any pets again but geese are not the norm so I made a exception... well here is when they were  two weeks old... Very Cute!