Wednesday, August 31, 2011

easy come easy go...I guess

Ah well I am not a spring chicken anymore and I do have alot on my plate this time of year.(51) I dislike fall more than winter to be honest. I  looks nice out but when u get outside it's very cold. At least with winter you know it's cold. I am to say the least very stressed out, miata season is com'n to a end here which always makes me depressed and this year it's a little worse. I need to get glasses to get my drivers lic and I am not to thrilled to be honest. I know the saturn will need about 4 bills to get sorted out, and the geese shunning me does not make things better. Ah well I hate to complain but not much good is going on for me now.
Also this is a revision from the post I had here last night. some times less is better...
 here is part of what was there:
Well the storm here was not to bad in a way. We put the geese in the goose house for their own protection. It seems now the geese do not trust me. I have lost almost all the trust I have had with them and I am crushed. It has sent me in a huge depression. All I want to do is sleep now. Take a sleeping pill b4 8 a sleep b4 9. The geese were a huge part of my life and I feel lost. They spend most of their day on the other side of the yard where I guess they seem  safe. This really sucks I know I am being selfish but I love them very much. another thing the day of the storm the motherboard of my home pc died and with my lic, car registrations, inspections and hav'n to get glasses, leave the PC on the bottom burner. I am using my laptop with my reg monitor wireless mouse and keyboard.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great storm

what a wonderful storm we had. I had to put the geese in the goose house all 4 of them. the my PC died, not a  good bunch of days I am having here. I get to just be pist off at the world for a while, when is enough a enough...