Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Babies r Com'n The babies r a com'n

November 21st I am getting 5 female Fawn & White runner chicks to grow into mates for my two singe drakes. All the pens are secured ,freeze proof tubs are out for the ducks and the geese. I finished reworking the the area that the chicks will grow up in with me. I will show u in a the first picture.
I made a extension for my for my front seat. I got some of those small carpet squares to put on my seat took two to cover the whole thing. Then I put Breyen one of my male ducks next to me in the car but he had his own seat...LOL He loves to ride with me he leans up against the dash and takes in the sights. I will need to get a pic of that....LOL
I want to post and get you ready to watch the chicks grow up with me day by day.!