Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My huge mistake will change DuckyDoo for the rest of his life.

The ducks like it when I help them gather worms with a shovel, I was digging some where else and they decided they were going to help me I guess. I didn't see Ducky's beak and I hit it with the shovel and it's fucked up. I took him to the vet today he gave some cream and told to use a light iodine solution to to give it a light since. All he does is stand with his beak under his wing for hours. I am not sure I can ever get over this. It hurts me so bad to watch him struggle. I have to give him soft foods for a while and separated from the two ducks. I have picked up smoking as a result of terrible stress and guilt on my part, trust me I hat smoking. But it was the lesser ways I would deal with some thing like this.