Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some where over the rainbow

The best GoosieGoo Video
I watched meet Joe Black tonight, what a great movie and I have seen a lot of movies. And so many life quotes.
I had a pretty good day at work and today was one of those days that gives me hope about that deal...
But that's was one of my highlights of my day. I had one of those calls with my mother that I wished I never called. U know how parents some times can push yr buttons.  How she can make some things I have no control or little control seem like my fault. I do not like writ'n about her but I was so pissed off and upset I wrote one of my emails try'n to explain my frustration and so be it.
I did see the geese for about a hour today which really was the best part of my day. Some times I wish I was goose, they love to eat grass and there is huge yard here plus I love to give them corn. I have hook'd them up for the winter I changed their open door to a big door window gave then a light socket so it will be a little warmer. I wish they could come inside with me but not these geese. When I get some more I will get a diaper for one and see how that goes. I love how they get along and for the most part spent time with themselves they talk to each other like the quack'n actually makes any sense, I guess it does cause they keep doing it. I do miss the connection with GoosieGoo...
I have some good days and some really bad ones and this is that time of year I hate. I really hate fall, I all most like winter better Fall can be a crapshoot of what u get at least in winter you where you stand cold with snow, it's a given. 
Well like every time I write I never know what I am actually going to say and if I think I am going to say some thing never seems to it exactly. 
So that leaves us with the tittle, the credits from Joe Black played this song which really is my favorite song. Here is the link with the a music video I have never seen this by 4 but it is the person who sings this song. It makes me cry every time I here it...
the link ,Smile

There maybe a commercial first b4 the video but please watch it...
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