Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Adventures of GoosieGoo and friends.

If any one knows me closely they know I love my geese very much. I spend quite a bit of time with them. I spent two hours taking pictures today. My mom and I split a Nikon P500 digital camera, great camera BTW 36X zoom. I have thought about writing a children's book about them and my life with them. I have found some one who is going to help, as I have never graduated from high school which is pretty apparent by some of my posts. I will need help, this person is a family member also. The name of the book will be:
The adventures of GoosieGoo and friends.
These are pic's of GoosieGoo above. I know I have mentioned this b4 But when I first moved here I asked the landlord "what is the draw of having geese" I didn't seem to get it, but now I do and some people think I am a little odd loving geese. There is no pond here or river. I have pools for them in the summer I fill with a hose. It's to cold for a hose now so i have to carry buckets of water to fill a smaller container with about 20 gallons of water. I will do this all winter about 3-4 time a week. When there don't have clean water to bathe in they get dirty. Oh and they always have drinking water which is separate from their bath water. We this being Saturday and all today was clean bath day. I have given them a light in their house with a light detector that is automatic. To help with the cold days and nights. I also give them bread in the morning around 730-8 when they come tapping on my window, see I put a ramp so they can say hello. Then after I get ready and dressed I give them some bread with a can of corn to them out side in their area. plus they have a small tub of cracked corn and a feeder I can put a whole bag 40 lbs of poultry feed into. I just love them to death and they have become my kids. I can talk to them and they talk back. In the morning when I am bring them the corn I yell out GoosieGoo until they answer, then in a straight line they come quacking and flapping their wings running as fast as they can knowing full well it's breakfast time. They grunt and grown as they gobble up their corn jubilee. I give them a bucket of fresh water then we chat for a while then they go back to their day. When I come home from work I give them a few slices of bread, I get expired bread from the dollar for 25 cents. I know they like that better than moldy bread. If you have ever checked out my Youtube site: My passion for my buddies (my Geese) will become very apparent. Make sure you watch Goosie work out which was done on the fly, really and this one "You can not ever imagine that these are geese" Makes me cry every time I watch those two video's Make sure yr sound is on. I have lost the PW to flicker so I can not upload new picks so I just do my YT video's for now. Oh well I am tired and if I don't get to write again I wish everyone who reads my blog a very Happy Holiday.
Dreams do come true, you just have to see them
ASK 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Once in a lullaby
Somewhere over the rainbow
My Geese try to fly
And the dreams that you dreamed of
Dreams really do come true
Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops thats where you'll find me
Somewhere over the rainbow my geese fly
And the dream that you dare to,why, oh why can't I?

Someday I'll wish upon a star
Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where trouble melts like lemon drops
High above the chimney tops thats where you'll find me
Somewhere over the rainbow my geese fly
And the dream that you dare to,why, oh why can't I?

Dreams to come true, you just have to see them

Monday, October 24, 2011

Looking forward to spring. more GoosieGoo time!

Here is the link to my youtube channel to see my Goosie's Video's. You will love them trust me.
My Goosie video's
Not more to add at this time, time to focus on surviv'n the winter months. I am going to put a PC on layaway tomorrow from wallyworld this dam laptop I am us'n now sucks but I am getting by.
Ah well
Dreams do come true, You just have to see them!
Look Harder...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Some where over the rainbow

The best GoosieGoo Video
I watched meet Joe Black tonight, what a great movie and I have seen a lot of movies. And so many life quotes.
I had a pretty good day at work and today was one of those days that gives me hope about that deal...
But that's was one of my highlights of my day. I had one of those calls with my mother that I wished I never called. U know how parents some times can push yr buttons.  How she can make some things I have no control or little control seem like my fault. I do not like writ'n about her but I was so pissed off and upset I wrote one of my emails try'n to explain my frustration and so be it.
I did see the geese for about a hour today which really was the best part of my day. Some times I wish I was goose, they love to eat grass and there is huge yard here plus I love to give them corn. I have hook'd them up for the winter I changed their open door to a big door window gave then a light socket so it will be a little warmer. I wish they could come inside with me but not these geese. When I get some more I will get a diaper for one and see how that goes. I love how they get along and for the most part spent time with themselves they talk to each other like the quack'n actually makes any sense, I guess it does cause they keep doing it. I do miss the connection with GoosieGoo...
I have some good days and some really bad ones and this is that time of year I hate. I really hate fall, I all most like winter better Fall can be a crapshoot of what u get at least in winter you where you stand cold with snow, it's a given. 
Well like every time I write I never know what I am actually going to say and if I think I am going to say some thing never seems to it exactly. 
So that leaves us with the tittle, the credits from Joe Black played this song which really is my favorite song. Here is the link with the a music video I have never seen this by 4 but it is the person who sings this song. It makes me cry every time I here it...
the link ,Smile

There maybe a commercial first b4 the video but please watch it...
Old Flicker account GoosieGoo Video
New Flicker Account

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bath day for the geese

Today was watering day for the geese. I have 3 mini pools and a good sized animal feeder. I was try'n to work them down to less pools so that when winter comes I just have the animal feeder. Last year I carried out hot water in buckets took about 4-5 very large buckets. And dam they seemed to love hot baths in the winter. I could get some times 3 days with the tub in the goose house come out in the early am brake a layer of ice and they were good to the next day. Last year we lost two geese one to a wolf and the female, the baby which I think was a year or so old decided to fly and look for mom. Some one called chuck and said it was in the road so he brought it back and it flew right into a car on RTE 3. I was away that weekend. So Chuck put the 2 remain'n geese in the goose house for the winter to protect them.A 10X8 house not very big but safe, this year I want to do a higher fence in a small area in the yard so they can have more room. It can't be too big or they would be able to fly out, but still be able to go out of the goose house and poo outside. The two new geese I raised this will be their first winter, I want to put a heat lamp in the goose house and pay for the extra electricity if need be. I seem to spoil the geese. I told Tom if we try to live some where and be self sustainable I want to raise geese , I looked last night and there are geese in Cal. So I can continue my adventures with geese. I will leave goosiegoo here, will be hard but they all seem to get along for the most part and don't think it would fair to take them away. And I get raise geese again from day two of their life. There are yellow and fury when they are chicks, and they whistle like regular birds. I got them on May 8th this year and they still don't fly and are starting to get that deep quack the older geese have. I had them in my room in a storage container 3 of them but one died and i cried for two days. I bought the other two geese a small stuffed chick and introduced them to a mirror. They still have bigger mirrors out side and seem to be very amused looking at themselves. I tell them they are looking at the prettiest goose they ever saw as they Quack at them self, funny as hell. The chickens do not seem to be amused by the mirrors. I love those geese, I tell everyone they are my best-friends.
When I come home everyday I yell out GoosieGoo and Gossie Quacks and they all come running like children to their mom.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

easy come easy go...I guess

Ah well I am not a spring chicken anymore and I do have alot on my plate this time of year.(51) I dislike fall more than winter to be honest. I  looks nice out but when u get outside it's very cold. At least with winter you know it's cold. I am to say the least very stressed out, miata season is com'n to a end here which always makes me depressed and this year it's a little worse. I need to get glasses to get my drivers lic and I am not to thrilled to be honest. I know the saturn will need about 4 bills to get sorted out, and the geese shunning me does not make things better. Ah well I hate to complain but not much good is going on for me now.
Also this is a revision from the post I had here last night. some times less is better...
 here is part of what was there:
Well the storm here was not to bad in a way. We put the geese in the goose house for their own protection. It seems now the geese do not trust me. I have lost almost all the trust I have had with them and I am crushed. It has sent me in a huge depression. All I want to do is sleep now. Take a sleeping pill b4 8 a sleep b4 9. The geese were a huge part of my life and I feel lost. They spend most of their day on the other side of the yard where I guess they seem  safe. This really sucks I know I am being selfish but I love them very much. another thing the day of the storm the motherboard of my home pc died and with my lic, car registrations, inspections and hav'n to get glasses, leave the PC on the bottom burner. I am using my laptop with my reg monitor wireless mouse and keyboard.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great storm

what a wonderful storm we had. I had to put the geese in the goose house all 4 of them. the my PC died, not a  good bunch of days I am having here. I get to just be pist off at the world for a while, when is enough a enough...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

They never forget

So I went to the oral surgeon yesterday to discuss my wisdom teeth, well I guess I am not so wise after all? It's not my wisdom teeth in fact my wisdom teeth cam in just fine. I have two abscessed molars, do you know they wanted 600 bucks to be put to sleep who can afford that? I and gett'n laughing gas and novocaine which my insurance will cover... thank gawd. BTW mom says I spelled God wrong, I do not believe in God so my spelling is Gawd but that's another story. So Sept 2nd my upper back teeth will be removed and the pain should be gone. Lot's of adavan and things should be ok... I went metal detecting today found a dime, i went to Bedford NH to two sites of old grist mills, if you don't know what a grist mill is Google it? I did have a young deer almost walk up to me. I am concentrat'n so much while detecting I am quiet we both sort of noticed each and it just waked into the woods. Was very cool to be honest it was about a 100 feet away.
Time for the birthday curse here in NH, i have to register two cars 100 bucks each inspect two cars 50 bucks each and my drivers lic is do 50 bucks for that also. That's 350 bucks if both cars pass inspection, I know the saturn needs two tires and I have to weld the exaust I do have a mig welder so I just have to do that part. Later I will look for the best deal on tires... I can't wait!

My 3d glasses came today so later I am going to try them out, I watch so many movies figure a 8 buck investment for 4 pairs of glasses would be worth it., I bought descent ones also, not the paper type. see how that goes..
When the geese were young maybe 2 weeks old i used to whistle to them and when they were about 4 weeks old they could whistle back, I do have a video of them when they were small on my flicker site. They were so darn cute and still are to me. GoosieGoo has one black eye and the side with spots has a wonderful blue cute I just want to hug him so bad. I miss the bond we had when they were young we seemed so close. When I let them loose with the other  two geese I seemed to loose a big part of them after all they were with their own that is supposed to matter. I was jealous to be honest I wanted to keep them for myself it was so hard to let them loose it makes me cry just thinking about that. I have been searching for away I could get that bond back I do favor GoosieGoo I make sure he gets fresh corn every morning when i am here but it just seems like we don't really connect like I wish we did. I do think if i had kept them for a few more weeks things may have been different. I do remember when I first showed them to the other geese, they had high pitched whistles that got the full attention of the other geese, sort of freaked out the older geese. So the other day I whistled part of the song i used to whistle to them and GoosieGoo was very interested that he would walk towards me. I knelled down and continued to whistle to him and he walked right up to me and started playing the old games we used to play. He pulled on my clothing, went after my ear rings, wrapped his long neck around mine and pulled on my hair. Boy it's just like it was in the beginning I got him back and this makes me cry in a good way. We connect, we talk to each other he turns his head to look at me and I do the same to him we touch noses together this is better than I thought it ever could be. he doesn't like it when I pat which i do but not very much. I got the GooserGoo that I wanted, the bond I was seeking. I do want another goose now that I raised two but the bond is still there and only with the one I love the most, my waddl'n buddy and guess what... they never forget!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The meatal detector came out today

I finally took out my metal detector today. First time this year. My obsession with the my geese have become my life in a odd way. That's another story I took the 11 y/o kid up stairs let him use one of my detectors and off we went. I found places I could find targets and asked him to look in this area to teach him how to read the detector. Well he did ok for about 2 hours then gave up, I continued for 3 more hours,. Dam I forgot how difficult it was to wave the machine kneel down dig, stand up and do about 60 or 70 times. I am very sore but all in all was fun. I seem to be a great friend to him. Parents are divorced lives with mom upstairs. I always seem to get along better with young people, don't get me wrong in the wrong way. But I had a very bad childhood and I sorta get to re-live it sort of I guess. It's funny D upstairs and i both listen to the same music. In fact he liked my car mix so well he asked me to load on his nook which a few of us chipped in to give him last Christmas. Great kid and BTW the geese go after him. For him to walk in the back yard he needs a big stick to wave at them not to give him a goose which they have done b4... time for bed

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well I am not really shure what a blog is, but I will give it a try...

Ok I guess this is my first post, have any questions about me just ask. I have had a very interesting life. Bi-Gender and all...Today I have sore throat so I had a short day at work, not much to do any ways. Let's see umm. I need to go out side give the geese some fresh water. We have 4 geese and two are new. We lost 2 last winter and I have raised two from 2 days old. We don't have any ponds here so I have mini pools for them 3 actually. They also share them with the chickens. Any ways I have to clean them every 4-5 days. Seems the geese love to put mud in them until i clean them then they get to start all over to get them dirty. I have also given the a few solar lights which they love very much. They also love fresh uncooked corn on the cob which I give them some every morn'n when in season. I must admit I love them very much, I swore I would never get any pets again but geese are not the norm so I made a exception... well here is when they were  two weeks old... Very Cute!