Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Adventures of GoosieGoo and friends.

If any one knows me closely they know I love my geese very much. I spend quite a bit of time with them. I spent two hours taking pictures today. My mom and I split a Nikon P500 digital camera, great camera BTW 36X zoom. I have thought about writing a children's book about them and my life with them. I have found some one who is going to help, as I have never graduated from high school which is pretty apparent by some of my posts. I will need help, this person is a family member also. The name of the book will be:
The adventures of GoosieGoo and friends.
These are pic's of GoosieGoo above. I know I have mentioned this b4 But when I first moved here I asked the landlord "what is the draw of having geese" I didn't seem to get it, but now I do and some people think I am a little odd loving geese. There is no pond here or river. I have pools for them in the summer I fill with a hose. It's to cold for a hose now so i have to carry buckets of water to fill a smaller container with about 20 gallons of water. I will do this all winter about 3-4 time a week. When there don't have clean water to bathe in they get dirty. Oh and they always have drinking water which is separate from their bath water. We this being Saturday and all today was clean bath day. I have given them a light in their house with a light detector that is automatic. To help with the cold days and nights. I also give them bread in the morning around 730-8 when they come tapping on my window, see I put a ramp so they can say hello. Then after I get ready and dressed I give them some bread with a can of corn to them out side in their area. plus they have a small tub of cracked corn and a feeder I can put a whole bag 40 lbs of poultry feed into. I just love them to death and they have become my kids. I can talk to them and they talk back. In the morning when I am bring them the corn I yell out GoosieGoo until they answer, then in a straight line they come quacking and flapping their wings running as fast as they can knowing full well it's breakfast time. They grunt and grown as they gobble up their corn jubilee. I give them a bucket of fresh water then we chat for a while then they go back to their day. When I come home from work I give them a few slices of bread, I get expired bread from the dollar for 25 cents. I know they like that better than moldy bread. If you have ever checked out my Youtube site: My passion for my buddies (my Geese) will become very apparent. Make sure you watch Goosie work out which was done on the fly, really and this one "You can not ever imagine that these are geese" Makes me cry every time I watch those two video's Make sure yr sound is on. I have lost the PW to flicker so I can not upload new picks so I just do my YT video's for now. Oh well I am tired and if I don't get to write again I wish everyone who reads my blog a very Happy Holiday.
Dreams do come true, you just have to see them
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