Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ducky'e pic's

Been some time since I last posted life has become busy. the ducks are still spend'n the nights with me inside. They have two kiddie pools out side. I give them celery and water melon everyday for breakfast and they have a nice lean turkey feed all the time.  They go outside between 530 and 730 a.m. everyday depending when they want to go out.  I get home for the most part about 2-3 pm where I let them out of the secured area into a bigger area where the bigger pool is. I come back in about a hour and let them out we walk to the other side of the yard where the worms and slugs are spend about 30-60 minutes there then we come back around the house. We walk across the big dirt driveway then behind the closed gas station to a big field and we stay there until they are ready to come back. Lots of dogs there so we don't stay there very long. So we get a pretty good walk every day.  I am willing to bet the geese would go after them like they do the chickens so they are separated at all times. The ducks are full grown now and I would say I have two males and one female. This should make for interesting times a head. So here are a few of our latest journey's.

This is the inside liv'n area for the ducks
You can see that DuckyDoo's nose is heal'n
Here is Breyen
this is squirt I think he is female, very cute anyways!

The in the other side of the yard, the slugs are under those logs...

There is worms in this here dirt!