Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Letter to a Sex offender, posted originally on my FB page

I live here in Cali I guess there are bad people here as everywhere. Two sex offenders live here. If click on this link  http://meganslaw.ca.gov/disclaimer.aspx  with this zip code (95654) lookup sex offenders in . Please look it up. The second sex offender D Raped his daughter under the age of 14.This is the person I got evicted for discrimination... The first raped a a under 14 boy. I do not know How I could have been friends with people like this, I sit here shaking my head...
I have written a letter to the second one and will post it here. If you take offense to swears do not read on. These are my feeling and no one can take them away.
Here's my letter to a sex offender:
These are my person feelings and the things I wrote here are my feeling and unfortunately
no matter how much I have tried can not make them go away.
I do not care if you like them or not. Because you can not change a persons feelings.
Any person that touch's a child in any type of sexual matter should get at least ten years. And never allowed to be in public again or take the choice to have yr balls cut off. It's
my person feelings. No one can change how I FEEL....You are a CONSTANT reminder of the person took my childhood and my life away.
Yes I have klinefelter's syndrome. But the real truth of why I get SSDI I have chronic depression from PTSD from abuse at a young age. It's a person like YOU that
I hate you with all my heart and really do not give a f_ck what you think. You had choice. Do you f_cking understand that. YOU had a choice. Any you should pay for that choice yr whole life. I suffer EVERY day from a people like you. It'my continuous anxiety is a reminder of me when I was young worrying that at any time it could happen again. It's people like you and D who take childhoods
away. Do you f_cking understand. It does not matter if you were abused or not. Because I never ever wanted anyone to feel the pain I live with every day.
No one could ever be sane doing the same type of thing to some one else knowing full well what that does to a child if you were really abused. Most of the abused people I have talked to in the groups in therapy, do not have the attitude you do, and to be honest I do not believe you.The other day when you got aggressive with me and to be honest I was truly scared. And I will protect myself at all costs from people like you and D. I am considering a restraing order as I have spoke with the sheriffs office because of that day. Because I was really scared of you. You have anger issues...
That moment took back to a time I have spent my whole trying, to erase with drugs, alcohol and self abuse still blaming myself that I may have done some thing wrong and deserved what happened to me. Can you see how f_cked up that is.
I want you to understand how a REAL victim feels and hates people like you.I truly believe anyone who has suffered like I have would never do that to any one else. Because I never could put anyone threw the pain. No sane person could.
I do not f_cking believe any thing you say and never will.
You believe in god because you think he can forgive. And that's the whole reason I don't believe in god. What you and D did no matter how much you minimize the act you did. It was a horrific brutal destruction of a child. Do you understand that.
You have taken away a childs life and there is no way you can ever make that up or take away how some feels.
I blame myself for not catching the under 14 part on magen's law sites. That's a part of the problem, some how I blame myself. That's how people like you destroyed people like me.
I do not understand why you have killed yrself. There can be no way you can live with yrself knowing what you have taken some ones child hood. I guess it's why you get so stoned. But you can not escape who you are and that's a good thing.
So with all yr aches and pains I think it's fitting that you suffer every day, if there was a god this is how he is punishing you. There is no amount of time you spent in jail it wasn't enough. In my mind here could be never enough. I am going to donate my time here in cali to keep people like you away from children. You should never be alone with any minor for the rest of yr life family or not.
Remember you made a choice and I want you to remember that ever day of your life.
Signed a Victim of abuse.

Registered Sex Offenders - Megan's Law - California Dept. of Justice - Office of the Attorney General arms the public with certain information on the whereabouts of dangerous sex offenders so that local communities may protect themselves and their children. The law also authorizes local law enforcem...

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